Join the interest group

The Eco Procura 2012 conference in City of Malmö, Sweden.
Photographer: Drago Prvulovic/MalmöBild AB     19-9-2012

What is the Interest Group?

The PPI4Waste Interest Group is made up of stakeholders involved with or interested in the procurement of innovative waste management solutions. The Group is open to anyone who is interested in the procurement of innovative, waste management solutions including public authority representatives such as: municipal waste management experts, procurers and policy makers, as well as academics, suppliers and other experts in the field

What will the Interest Group do?

The primary aim of the Interest Group is to foster knowledge and, exchange, while driving the uptake of innovative, sustainable and ready-to-use solutions in the waste management sector across Europe. Furthermore, the richness of the quantity of expert knowledge in the PPI4Waste Expert Group will harness the groups’ potential and increase understanding of potential waste solutions available on the market.

Why join the Interest Group?

Members of the Interest Group are offered a number of key benefits including:

  • The opportunity to learn, connect and exchange with peers from across the EU by joining the Innovative Waste Management Solutions Discussion Group on the Procurement Forum, a discussion group connecting stakeholders who are working in or interested in gaining a better understanding of innovation in the waste sector.
  • Be the first to hear about upcoming PPI4Waste trainings.
  • Receive the project newsletter and email updates over the course of the project.
  • Public procurers who are actively procuring or interested in procuring innovative waste management solutions, will be invited to join the Purchasing Community.