The innovation procurement toolkit: module 2 now available

The European Assistance for Innovation Procurement Initiative published the second module of the toolkit on innovation procurement. This module is aimed at public procurers: it explains, illustrated by examples, the different steps of how to implement innovation procurements in line with the legal framework.

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New Criteria for Green Office Building Procurement and for Road Design, Construction and Maintenance

The Commission has recently published two new voluntary construction-related criteria sets, the EU GPP criteria for Office Building Design, Construction and Management and the EU GPP criteria for Road Design, Construction and Maintenance

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What’s next?

In the coming months, Work Package 4 (Collaborative activities and building capacity for preparation of coordinated public procurement for innovative solutions) is going to be developed. Discover more details on the main objectives of this work package.

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20 years of sustainable procurement at ICLEI

This year, ICLEI is celebrating 20 years of work on sustainable procurement. The anniversary was launched at a ceremony in Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum on 27 April as part of the 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns.

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Rijkswaterstaat, creating a sustainable environment

Rijkswaterstaat is the executive body of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment. For over 200 years, Rijkswaterstaat has been responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Dutch highways and waterways. The intense use of the Dutch network of highways, waterways, railways and aircraft (mainports Rotterdam and airport Schiphol Amsterdam) forces the government to pay more and more attention to match these economic pillars with a sustainable environment.

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First findings of the State of the Art report

The state of the art gives an overall picture of the state of waste management in the European Union, in line with the main needs of public bodies in charge of municipal waste management identified within PPI4Waste project . Three of these needs are related to specific waste streams, bio-waste management, plastics separation, and bulky waste management, all targeted in the State of the Art. Read more about the first findings!

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PAPIRUS guide on implementing public procurement of innovation

A guide to implementing public procurement of innovation (PPI) has been published by the EU-funded PAPIRUS project, providing a basic introduction to the topic as well as recommendations based on the experience of the PAPIRUS project partners.

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Less bureaucracy, higher efficiency

New EU public procurement rules: Less bureaucracy, higher efficiency

Since 18 April 2016, three directives on public procurement and concessions adopted in 2014 have profoundly changed the way Member States and public authorities spend a large part of the 1.9 trillion euros used on European public procurement every year.

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Meet-the-Market event in Brussels

When procurers and suppliers met

As a part of the PPI4Waste project, several “Meet-the-Market” events took place across Europe, inviting procurers and suppliers to discuss their mutual needs and the solutions to overcome the barriers to public procurement of innovation (PPI) in the waste sector.

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E-procurement to make purchasing processes greener

One of the key changes contained within the new EU public procurement directives is the inclusion of e-procurement as a means to make procurement more transparent and streamlined. Central purchasing bodies within EU Member States are expected to move to full electronic means of communication including electronic bid submission by April 2017. It is expected that e-submission will be mandatory across the EU by October 2018.

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