PPI4Waste lessons for PPI uptake in the waste sector

This report aims to collect the lessons learned, both concerning the needs and barriers of public procurers operating in the waste sector and the possible solutions and opportunities that can be found.

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Common report on targeted improvements

This report presents the results of the research made regarding the PPI potential for each of the common needs and gives several recommendations regarding three aspects of PPI.

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Agreeing on Common Needs

This report presents the methodology designed and applied by the project to prioritize the needs of public buyers and reach an agreement on the ones for which to further work has been implemented within PPI4Waste.

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Needs and Priorities

One of the first activities of the PPI4Waste project is to define common needs for the waste-to-resource challenges which can be solved with Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI). The establishment of common needs will enable a large group of potential buyers to be formed, which is vital to ensure critical mass when collaborating on public procurement.

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