Common Risk Management Strategy

After delivering the report of targeted improvements from the demand side, having analysed the market situation, as well as drafting the roadmap for improvement on functional requirements, PPI4Waste partners focused on the implementation of public procurement of innovation and in particular how to reduce the risks associated while implementing it.

This report presents the risk reduction strategy which has been developed, defining strategies to reduce risks associated with innovation, as well as to foster innovation all along the procurement process. It is based on the information coming from the previous reports and actions undertaken by PPI4Waste aprtners.

The report assesses all main innovation related risks, such as legal risks, technological risks, organisational risks, financial risks, etc. In addition, the following issues are included: monitoring of optional phase, control of performance indicators and guarantee of quality through quality checks, as well as definition of roles and responsibilities in the public procurement of
innovation process, and analysis of risk sharing between procurer and contractor.

There is a lot to gain from implementing innovative solutions through procurement, whether the focus is on saving costs, benefiting the environment, or obtaining better products or services.

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