Discover the University of Zaragoza

With more than five hundred years of history, the University of Zaragoza (UniZar) is one of the most established universities in Spain. It is located mainly in Zaragoza, the capital city of Aragon (Spain). The University has over 37.000 students in its 22 faculties and it is the only public University in the region of Aragon. Its activity is spread along the whole territory of Aragon, with campuses and research centres also in Huesca and Teruel.

UniZar research team involved in the PPI4Waste project is made up of the researchers linked to the Spanish Observatory of Public Procurement (Obcp), located at the Law School of the University of Zaragoza. This think-tank involves academic members from several Spanish Universities, who have focused their research on public procurement, and professionals, including members of advisory committees of regional and state governments. UniZar manages Obpc website (, a professional network for purchasers and procurers to share information and discuss problems and solutions regarding the legal framework of public procurement.

In the past, Obcp has participated in public consultations (pre-legislative works) about the European and national legal procurement framework (New EU Directives on public procurement and Spanish Laws on Transparency and Public Sector Contracts). Some members of Obcp are specialists in the field of innovative procurements.

In PPI4Waste project, UniZar-Obcp leads the work package related to collaborative activities and building capacity for preparation of coordinated public procurement for innovative solutions. The main objectives are the assessment of a feasibility plan for cross-border PPI and the preparation for joint or coordinated procurement, to create opportunities for the strategic use of budgets and financing instruments to support innovation, to assess risks and develop a risk reduction strategy, to increase knowledge on PPI and to acquire necessary skills to uptake a PPI process and foster the product purchase and accelerate service delivery.

UniZar is in charge of developing a PPI contract model (UniZar team has experience in the preparation and execution phases of single contracts) and a risk reduction strategy.

Besides, this partner is currently participating in the project Water Public Innovative Procurement Policies (WaterPipp), also a collaborative project funded by the European Commission under FP7. The main objective of the project is to mobilise the procurement power of public and private actors in order to speed innovation and contribute to solve water related societal challenges and to improve the competitiveness of the European Water Industry in a global market.

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