New Criteria for Green Office Building Procurement and for Road Design, Construction and Maintenance

The Commission has recently published two new voluntary construction-related criteria sets, the EU GPP criteria for Office Building Design, Construction and Management and the EU GPP criteria for Road Design, Construction and Maintenance.

The construction and use of buildings in the EU accounts for a large share of environmental impacts: approx. 50% of energy use and total extracted materials, and a third of water use and waste generated.

Public authorities are responsible for about 30% of expenditure in the construction sector. Therefore, reducing the impact of public construction can have substantial benefits for the circular economy.

The newly published EU GPP criteria aim at helping public authorities willing to procure greener construction or renovation works in a cost-effective way. In addition to criteria ensuring high energy efficiency for buildings, the criteria promote a number of circular economy aspects such as the inclusion of recycled construction materials and the reduction of demolition waste. The criteria are accompanied by a Procurement practice guidance document aimed at facilitating the use of the criteria in the different stages of procuring a building or a road.

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