PPI4waste releases the second edition of its newsletter

The PPI4Waste project has published the second edition of its newsletter detailing the latest project updates.

On top of a summary of the Procurement Foresight Workshop organised by ACR+ in October 2015 in Brussels and an overview of the upcoming events, the articles also include;

  • Public procurement as a key instrument in the new EU circular economy package

The release of the circular economy package from the European Commission on 2 December 2015 marked an important moment in the role of public procurement in the circular economy model. Whilst not explicitly mentioning public procurement, the new package acknowledges its importance by stating the action that will be taken on Green Public Procurement (GPP) by the Commission in the form of increased emphasis on circular economy aspects in new or revised set of criteria, in turn supporting higher uptake of GPP.

  • Needs and priorities

From the results of interviews conducted with 14 different contracting authorities, over 100 different needs within the waste management area were identified. From this, project partners identified five common needs that might be met by procurement activities which are as follows:

  1. Bio waste management;
  2. Plastic separation;
  3. Bulky waste management;
  4. Separate collection for specific waste streams/development of collection points;
  5. Decision support system for waste management.
  • State of the Art

The state of the art of the project aims to facilitate the identification of innovative solutions, with high potential for the public procurement of innovation (PPI) process. It is a complementary step to the definition of common needs previously identified from the waste management public sector in Europe, to set the ground for PPI preparation in the waste sector.

The state of the art will support the identification of specific innovative solutions on bio-waste collection and treatment, plastic waste separation, bulky waste and decision support systems for waste management.

  • Meet Mancomunidad del Sur

Mancomunidad del Sur, one of the partners of the PPI4Waste project, is formally presented in further detail in this edition of the newsletter.

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