PPI4Waste, what’s next?

In the coming months, analysis and exchange between PPI4Waste partners on the definition and assessment of possible needs and emerging solutions will lead to a technical report under the responsibility of SP. In parallel to the current assessment of possible needs, the partners have also been working on the identification of solutions with the highest potential in PPI. This task, coordinated by IAT, will also lead to a report on state-of-the-art and innovative solutions.

These reports on possible needs and emerging solutions and the results of subsequent discussions will be presented during an international procurement foresight workshop. This workshop will be organized by ACR+ in Brussels on 29 October 2015 and will give the opportunity to exchange on the identified needs and solutions among the partnership, the experts group as well as public buyers. This will facilitate the understanding of what is possible in order to procure innovation. In addition, the workshop will give the opportunity to present the Interest Group and a Purchasing Community, coordinated by ICLEI and aiming at promoting the idea of public procurement of innovation among European territories and favouring opportunities of coordinated procurement of innovation among different public procurers in Europe.

The project will also keep on spreading the word about PPI and PPI4Waste progress, via continuous communication activities, in particular through its website. This website will provide more detail about the project objectives, partners and results, in particular technical reports. It will also promote the Interest Group and the Purchasing Community, and interaction with those groups. The PPI4Waste newsletter will be disseminated once per semester and you are encouraged to forward it to your relevant colleagues and contacts.