Rijkswaterstaat, creating a sustainable environment

Rijkswaterstaat is the executive body of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment. For over 200 years, Rijkswaterstaat has been responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Dutch highways and waterways. The intense use of the Dutch network of highways, waterways, railways and aircraft (mainports Rotterdam and airport Schiphol Amsterdam) forces the government to pay more and more attention to match these economic pillars with a sustainable environment.

As an important national purchaser, Rijkswaterstaat values circular procurement. For that, the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment and RWS  hosted, in collaboration with partners as ICLEI, the first International Congress on Circular Procurement in Amsterdam. Attended by 120 experts from over 23 countries around the world, the Congress aims were to profile examples of Circular Procurement and to share experiences. Presentations from this event are available online.

Another example is that Rijkswaterstaat, in cooperation with the Dutch association of municipalities (VNG) and the Dutch association of municipal waste management services (NVRD), supports Dutch municipalities endorsing the program ‘From waste to resources’.  The aim of this program is to reduce the residual waste collection from households to 100 kg/person/year in 2020.

Rijkswaterstaat also helps to implement (European) policy and support programmes preventing and reducing waste streams, stimulating re-use and recycling and minimising the environmental impact of product chains and waste management through a life-cycle approach (resource efficiency). The policy to achieve effective waste management is outlined in the National Waste Management Plan.

More information is available at: http://rwsenvironment.eu