First findings of the State of the Art report

The state of the art gives an overall picture of the state of waste management in the European Union, in line with the main needs of public bodies in charge of municipal waste management identified within PPI4Waste project . Three of these needs are related to specific waste streams, bio-waste management, plastics separation, and bulky waste management, all targeted in the State of the Art. Read more about the first findings!

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When procurers and suppliers met

As a part of the PPI4Waste project, several “Meet-the-Market” events took place across Europe, inviting procurers and suppliers to discuss their mutual needs and the solutions to overcome the barriers to public procurement of innovation (PPI) in the waste sector.

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PPI4Waste call for innovative solutions

The PPI4Waste project is currently drafting a state of the art of innovation solutions regarding 4 themes related to waste management: plastic separation, bio-waste management, bulky waste management, decision support systems. For this purpose, they are looking for information regarding cases already implemented or in the pipeline. Get involved in the PPI4Waste project, share your experiences!

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