Project partners worked on the identification and definition of common needs of public buyers in the field of municipal waste management, with the view of drawing a complete map of targeted improvements and possible emerging solutions addressing the waste-to-resource challenges or system failures.

Report on Agreeing Common needs: this report presents the methodology designed and applied by the project consortium to prioritize the needs of public buyers and reach an agreement on the ones for which to further work has been implemented within the PPI4Waste project. The five identified common needs are the following: bio-waste management, plastic separation, bulky waste management, separate collection for specific waste streams, and decision support systems for waste management.

State of the art of emerging solutions: this report gives an overall picture of the state of waste management in the European Union analysing how common needs identified during PPI4Waste project are currently addressed in the EU context and focusing on the identification of innovation solutions with high potential for PPI in the waste sector.

Common Report on targeted improvements: this report presents the results of the research made regarding the PPI potential for each of the common needs and gives several recommendations regarding three aspects of PPI: the system readiness of waste management at national level, the impact of PPI at system level and the place of PPI in a policy mix.