The fragmentation of demand for innovative solutions and the lack of knowledge regarding the market situation are two well documented barriers to PPI. Thus, the project consortium brought together both the demand and supply sides to gain a better understanding of ready-to-market innovative solutions replying to needs identified at transnational level.

Meet-the-market activities: market engagement forms a crucial part of the PPI4waste project, building on the needs assessment and feeding into a PPI roadmap which will pave the way for potential future tenders for innovative waste solutions. In order to ensure that suppliers were aware of the needs identified by procurers and waste experts within the project, a series of 4 national market engagement workshops as well as an international workshop were implemented during spring 2016.

These workshops were intended to facilitate a dialogue between suppliers, procurers, entrepreneurs, consultants and waste experts in order to provide an overview of the current solutions available and in development, as well as giving suppliers and entrepreneurs an insight into what products and solutions they might need to develop in future.

Desired Performance characteristics: this report defines, describes and provides examples of performance characteristics from a PPI approach and potential actions to be taken by the pilot partners Zagreb City Holding and Mancomunidad Del Sur to face challenges linked with their needs (bio-waste and plastic waste respectively). The identified actions are related to market uptake of innovative solutions, and performance characteristics are used to describe performance-based requirements of these solutions.

Roadmap for progressive improvement: this report identifies potential actions and future interventions to be uptaken by the pilot partners, Zagreb City Holding and Mancomunidad Del Sur, in order to face their challenges regarding bio-waste and plastic waste respectively, according to their specific conditions, through market uptake of innovative solutions.