What’s next?

In the coming months, Work Package 4 (Collaborative activities and building capacity for preparation of coordinated public procurement for innovative solutions) is going to be developed. The main objectives of this work package are the assessment of a feasibility plan for cross-border PPI and the preparation for joint or coordinated procurement, to create opportunities for the strategic use of budgets and financing instruments to support innovation, to assess risks and develop a risk reduction strategy, to increase knowledge on PPI practices and to acquire necessary skills to uptake a PPI process and foster the product purchase and accelerate service delivery. The leader of this Work Package is the University of Zaragoza – OBCP, with support of all partners.

The first Task of the Work Package 4 (Feasibility Plan for a real/concrete public procurement) includes the definition of contract models and financing modelling of different approaches and the development of risk reduction strategy. This Task aims at carrying out a feasibility plan for the involve core buyers and for the buyer’s group to uptake a collaborative PPI and to reduce risk associated to the uptake of PPI.

The leader of the second Task of this Work Package (Participation of the buyer’s group in capacity building activities) is ICLEI. In order to enhance the knowledge on PPI and to transfer the added value of participating in the buyer’s groups, specific training on PPI will be provided to participants.

For capacity building purposes, IAT, SP, Zagreb City Holding and ICLEI will organize 4 one-day regional trainings from middle September to November 2016 for at least 15 participants. The targeted participants are core buyers of the partnership and contracting authorities of the buyer’s group.

Previously to the trainings, a specific training for trainers was organized internally in the partnership in the last Project Board Meeting (25-26 April 2016, Bilbao, Spain) in order to transfer the training activities to the partners who will organize the training sessions at local level.